About the Microbial Awesomeness Project


This is The Microbial Awesomeness Project! Welcome, mere mortal!

WHAT IS THE MICROBIAL AWESOMENESS PROJECT? This blog is dedicated to the microbes that secretly rule planet Earth – and to the awesome diversity of ways in which they can make a living!

WHY THE MICROBIAL AWESOMENESS PROJECT? Microbes are the most abundant organisms on the planet – far, far out-numbering plants and animals. Microbes are too small to be seen, but too important to be ignored! Life on Earth – from photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation; to the food we eat; to the quality of our water; to the state of our own guts! – relies on the activity of microbes.

WHAT THE MICROBIAL AWESOMENESS PROJECT WILL DO….There are many excellent places on the web, where you can find trustworthy information on the microbes; microbeworld.org is one of our favourites. But, as a homage to the microbes – and to make a resource for everyone – we will try to document the incredible breath of metabolic activities known in the microbial world. And, we need your help too!!

COME BACK SOON FOR NEWS! We will start  by just focusing on the Bacteria and the Archaea, but in time might also consider algae and others. Space exploration really is so 1960’s – exploring the depth and breath of microbial metabolic diversity is where the MAJOR discoveries affecting human life will be made in the next decades and centuries! We’ll let you know how to get involved in the Project soon!

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